Top 9 Pregnancy Apps for iPhone and iPod Touch


The iPhone is an incredibly useful tool for pregnant women. You can choose a baby name for your baby’s development, during your contractions or even one of these excellent pregnancy apps. When it comes to pregnancy, there is most definitely an application for it. Not my choice here.

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Baby Boot Fertilization Pro

BabyBump Fertilizer Pro (US $ 3.99) is a feature-packed app that will be useful throughout your entire nine months. Tells your calculations accurately wherever you are during your pregnancy and includes weekly updates on your baby’s development. Other features include user forums, a leak counter and a compression timer. The app also integrates with Facebook and Twitter so you can alert friends and family when Christmas comes.

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What to expect pregnancy tracker?

The official app (free) from the popular pregnancy book, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, includes a good amount of information for free. The app has a specific date calculator, pregnancy count, and pictures of your baby’s growth and development week by week. There are lots of interesting tips scattered throughout the app. For example, did you know that by 15 weeks your baby’s navel is orange in size? More

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Abortion of the baby

My Pregnancy at Baby Center Today’s app (free) is similar to the pregnancy tracker above, but it has some unique features. For one, it contains several videos, some unspoken practical examples of babies in the womb and in real birth babies. You can join a club on a set date, manage your pregnancy list and find healthy recipes . And it is reassuring to know that all the contents of this app have been reviewed by the board of a medical advisory. More

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Sprout pregnancy requirements

Sprout Pregnancy Essential ($ 4.99) is a stunning app, complete with lifelike 3D illustrations of your baby’s development and a smooth, easy-to-use interface. It will keep you organized for the next 9 months, including an appointment tracker, to-do list, weight tracker, kick counter and compression timer. You can customize the application with your child’s name and due date. More

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The baby’s name is Wizard

Browsing lists of baby names can be overwhelming and, well, annoying. Since I have Baby Name Wizard (0.99), a pregnancy app that has different ways to discover the best baby names you can browse, search by money or source, and see the most popular names. My favorite part of the app, however, is the random name generator, which helps you discover names that you might not otherwise consider. The interface is really very clever

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Contract Master

Once you reach the labor stage of your pregnancy, a contraction application like Contract Master ($ 0.99) can be invaluable in letting you know when it’s time to head to the hospital. The application is very simple and easy to use – tap the screen when your compression starts and again when it ends The Contract Master application will automatically calculate the frequency and duration of your compression. You can email your doctor or midwife the entire history of your contractions. More

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Positive pregnancy with Andrew Johnson

Pregnancy can be an intense time in any woman’s life, but the Positive Pregnancy App ($ 2.99) can help you deal with stress and anxiety. This meditation app is designed specifically for pregnant women. Relaxation techniques included. More

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Pilates for Pregnancy

Pilates for Pregnancy (9.99) is an easy way to keep your pregnancy active. It was designed by Sarah Picot, a certified pilates instructor and the power behind the Pract atal Pilates DVD. There are specific pilot workouts for each quarter, complete with illustrated instructions. Routines become more frequent in the first trimester and focus on relaxation for half of your pregnancy.

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Baby “R” is ours

You can shop for everything from baby strollers to pacifiers using the “R” our iPhone app (free). Purchases can be made directly from the app and it also includes user ratings and reviews for various products. Unfortunately, the app does not include optimized access to your child’s registry, but according to the developers, that feature is coming soon.

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