The best iPad utility apps


Playing more games than the iPhone , showing movies , writing emails and browsing Facebook. There may not be a lot of fun using the iPad, but there is one more productive aspect to the iPad. These apps provide more of a utility than direct production, so we ‘ll save word processors and spreadsheets for our office lists. But it’s great that we can now get Microsoft Office for the iPad, the ability to scan documents and keep our iPad sticky notes can be just as important.


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Cloud storage is the easiest way to expand your iPad’s storage. Instead of storing files, documents, photos and videos locally on your iPad, they can take valuable real estate, you can save them in Dropbox.

The best part about using services like Dropbox is that files are available on all your devices, even your laptop. Since the file is stored on a remote server, you can access it from any device via an Internet connection.

Cloud storage provides value as a way to back up your family photos as well as your most valuable documents. Even if you run the iPad run by a truck, saving Dropbox will make you somewhat secure.

Dropbox is just one of many cloud storage options. You can use Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. More


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It’s hard to argue with placing cheap phone calls on your iPad. Skype offers free Skype-to-Skype calls, with calls as cheap as 2 cents as a traffic and as cheap as সাব 4.49 as a subscription model that allows you to make unlimited calls to the United States and Canada. (The exact price may change at the discretion of Spypi.)

The Skype app will remember your recent calls and allow you to tag your contact list for searching. The app works on Wi-Fi and 4G and works with cheap calls, you can add instant messages and emoticons to your messages.

Why use Skype on FaceTime ? FaceTom is great for keeping calls from iPhone and iPad users and Skype works on any platform so as not to leave an Android-loving friend. More

Photon Flash Browser

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Photon Flash Player lets you play flash games on the web.

One of the biggest assumptions of the iPad is the inability to play Flash. Steve Jobs wrote a white post explaining the decision not to support Adobe Flash on an iPhone or iPhone. Because the battery power and the flash device had crashed.

But what if you really need Flash support? If you want to load a website that runs Flash or you want to play a Flash based game on the web, you can’t do it in the iPad’s Safari browser. But you can run Flash using Photon Browser.

The Photon browser loads the remote website and then the iPad is a way to understand that your iPad is flowing it. This explains the remote server flash and basically translates it to your iPad. And not only does it work with video, you can play games using it. More

Scanner Pro

Whether you need a scanner on a regular basis or only on rare occasions, Scanner Pro is a great deal. There are a bunch of apps that can scan documents, and automatically snapping the image while focusing and concreting in the non-document area of ​​the image is a heavy lift for you. The best of the Scanner Pro bunch, saves your scanned documents using cloud storage services like Dropbox, converts scanned documents into text, and enables sign-and-scan on your iPad. More

Adblock Plus

Did you know that the iPad can now block unwanted ads on web pages? It can actually make your Safari browser work faster. When the page bypasses loading additional ads, it pops up with lightning speed. Adblock Plus is one of the best ad blockers available for the iPad. And best of all, it’s one of the few free ones.

You need to tighten your iPad’s settings to install ad-blocking software , but it’s a simple solution. More

Swipe keyboard

I refuse to get an iPhone for friends who are the longest because they wanted access to the Swype keyboard if you haven’t heard of Swype, it’s an on-screen keyboard that lets you draw the shape of the word instead of tapping each letter. And while that may sound complicated, it’s amazing how easy it is to type on a touch screen when you touch the first letter of the word and drag the letter up to the letter without dragging it letter by letter.

Like Ad Blocker, you need to set up the keyboard in Settings . Once you download and set it up, you can switch between third-party keyboards like regular on-screen keyboard, Emotion keyboard and Swype.

Calculio Scientific Calculator

The App Store has many calculator applications. On a scale of 1 to 10, this one goes to 11. Not only does it do your standard multiplication, division, addition and subtraction, but you can use it for scientific functions, statistical functions and various values ​​and values, even some logical operator calculations such as programming functions. Nigel is really a calculator suitable for Tufel. More

Clock Pro HD

Only about keeping time, this watch does not have to keep track of time under water. The Clock Pro not only has a standard analog and digital watch setting, but it also has a quick mute time or how long you should stay on the hair strap. It has a stopwatch, a chess clock and the ability to find out when sunrise and sunset will come for your specific location. It even has a metronome, so if you are a musician, you can use it to keep an eye on the beat. More


If you love sticky notes as much as you love sticky notes, sticky is a must-have download. Sticky is not the Fansist app in the App Store. In some cases, it’s actually rather simple. Why it’s great We don’t need too many frequencies and chains to go along with our sticky notes. The whole point of that sticky note!

Sticky lets you quickly create notes from text, place a photo on your digital notepad, or even pin a web page. It makes it all the better solution without going over the top. Best of all, because you bomb the bells and whistles, it’s very easy to use. More

Air display

Ever wanted to add a second display to your iMac or MacBook but didn’t want to shell out 200? Now you can get one for only $ 15 AirDisplay works as a second monitor for your Mac, you can extend the desktop to your iPad’s display.

But the cool part is the iPad doesn’t lose its touch control. You can use touch screen controls to control running apps on the Mac, such as munching on numbers for a calculator or drawing inside a photo editing app.

AirDisplay may not be the best solution for playing any game or watching videos, but most common apps will work great with it. More

Wi-Fi map

Another great utility, Wi-Fi Map will find the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot in your location It makes a great utility for a vacation or work trip, you can scan coffee shots or internet cafes near your hotel where you can park for a while and the information is super You can see the beautiful travel on the highway. Wi-Fi maps also track passwords, so you don’t have to check with the store to get passwords if you need a quick connection. More


If you’re planning on using your iPad for work, you’ll probably want the ability to print from it. Most new printers support AirPrint, but if you have a wireless printer that does not support AirPrint, PrintCentral may be able to save you the cost of a new AirPrint-capable printer.

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