3 Metaverse Cryptocurrencies Investors Can't Stop Buying

3 Metaverse Cryptocurrencies Investors Can’t Stop Buying

There is no shortage of gold models that can reach the second digit in ten years. Cybersecurity, cloud computing, cannabis and communications are just a few examples of growing businesses.

But now there’s nothing hotter than a debate about the future of the meta-universe.

All sales are in the $30 trillion Metaverse range

Meta tags are another important iteration of the web. It is a virtual 3D world where users can interact with their environment, including other users.

In addition to entertainment, Metaverset is expected to create its own large ecosystem. According to Matthew Ball, CEO of Venture Capital, Epyllion, the meta terms are “between $10 trillion and $30 trillion, which won’t happen for ten or ten and a half years.”

Carrots hanging for $30 trillion are more than enough for investors to enjoy in return. But the big question is: what do companies, organizations or individuals do with the metaverse?

Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:FB), formerly known as Facebook, spent $10 billion on business-related investments last year. USD and plans even more next year. Meta is a popular Oculus virtual reality device company. Given the company’s deep pockets and profitability, it will have a real chance of becoming a major player in transformation.

Investors, on the other hand, have noted several cryptocurrencies that are currently developing a decentralized metaphor. The idea of ??putting the future of meta-expressions in the hands of consumers has challenged investors in these three categories of cryptocurrencies.


Is the hunger for metaphorical digital currencies unsatisfactory? Sandbox (CRYPTO: SAND) is one of the best cryptocurrencies of 2021. As of January 14. the increase was almost 13,000%.

The integration of The Sandbox and other blockchain gaming platforms is so interesting that it achieves a 180 degree rotation compared to the traditional game. When using consoles or personal games, game developers retain ownership of any design, and Sandbox allows users to create their own design as an irreplaceable trademark (NFT).

NDP provides evidence that the owners of digital assets stored in the blockchain are unknown. This makes blockchain-based games an effective tool that will not impress users.

Sandbox is a financial game developed by the Ethereum blockchain (CRYPTO:ETH). The main symbol of the game, SAND, can be used to purchase digital models as well as custom game models or avatars. You can also earn less money from sand markers, which can be when you need additional sand markers or other types of markers to craft tools (game tools include people, animals, and tools, for example).

Sandbox offers consumers many opportunities to monetize their creations, such as lending their digital assets, making games on their digital land, profiting from other proprietary games, or even selling digital real estate.


Another meta-denominated cryptocurrency that traders simply cannot saturate is Decentraland (CRYPTO: MANA). Merchants with a major brand (MANA) have achieved ìonlyî 3500% growth since early 2021.

It doesnít look like broken data, but it was created from a chain of blocks in the Decentraland Ethereum, where users interact in a virtual world based on digital landlords. While MANA is an integral part of the platform, LAND is the NFT that defines digital ownership in Decentraland.

The game is constantly updated with new interactions and animations with users that encourage users to create their own country and meet other users during the game. Like The Sandbox, Decentraland users can earn money from their MANA-priced LAND chips by selling them in-store or redeeming them in-game.

The appeal of this model is that the Decentraland software update has been successfully implemented using intelligent contracts (such as process management, support, and security contracts). Thus, these amendments will allow MANA owners to vote on policy changes. In short, users really have something to say about the future direction of the project.

Axie Infinity

The third largest investor in a metaverse cryptocurrency that could not be traded would be Axie Infinity (CRYPTO: AXS). Of the three digital results listed here, its performance is the best since 2021. Almost 14,000 percent more.

To complete Trifecta, Axie Infinity was also created in the Ethereum blockchain. But the game has different experiences than Sandbox in Decentraland. In this game you have to collect, grow, climb, evolve and fight monsters, these are called axes. In order for a user to go into battle, he needs three axes, and the winner gets knowledge points that serve to improve many axes.

As with digital terrain with controls such as Sandbox and Decentraland NFT, each axis is a unique NFT that users have. As mentioned, Axies can be used in games or you can make money by selling them in the market.

In terms of revenue from using the content management system (dApp), Axie Infinity is proud of its peers. According to TokenTerminal.com, Axie Infinity has made $ 1.18 billion through the dApp protocol over the past 180 days (Jan. 14). This is the second after Ethereum, which, however, earned $ 5.71 billion from the dApp protocol. USADOLAR.

Given that investors are reluctant to overestimate the introduction of new technologies, it is likely that metaversion cryptocurrencies will easily collapse after such gains. On the other hand, the potential of the meta-world is unquestionable when experts hang around $ 30 trillion in carrots.

This statement is the opinion of an author who disagrees with the recommendations of Motley Fool, a reputable “working” consulting firm. We are four! Disbelief in business theses ó even one of us ó helps us all think about investments and decisions that make us smarter, happier, and richer.

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