Driver Pack Solution v17


The DriverPack solution is a free driver update tool that finds the devices you need on your computer in just a few clicks and then downloads and installs them for you – without clicking any wizard or installation prompt.

Because the DriverPack solution is easy to use and free from clusters in similar programs, you won’t find some features in these features.

Driverpack Solution [ | Download and install tips ]

Note: This review is of DriverPack solution version 17.7.94. Please let me know if there is a new version please review.

More about driver pack solutions

Driver Pack Solution has all the driver update tool features you expected:

  • Works with Windows 10 , Windows 8 , Windows 7 , Windows Vista , and Windows XP
  • The DriverPack solution is a lightweight program that doesn’t take long to download and connect to the Internet for free online driver updates.
  • It is fully portable and can be started from any folder or hard drive or portable device like flash drive
  • You can install all the necessary drivers at once
  • Shows the driver version of the current driver and the version that it can download instead
  • You can also list all drivers that do not need to be updated
  • The website allows you to download a set of drivers in a 7z file of channels , Bluetooth, sound, video, etc. Once downloaded, say Bluetooth drivers, various manufacturers of 7Z archives such as Logitech, Motorola, Realtech, Broadcom, etc.
  • This driver updater may even work if it doesn’t work for you. Just download the DriverPack network driver or the offline version of DriverPack (which contains all its drivers), and then transfer it to the computer where it is needed
  • The Department of Diagnostics serves as a basic system information tool
  • Includes a large software downloader that offers programs you want to add to your computer

Driver Pack Solution Pro & amp; Cons

Driver Pack Solution You need to update your drivers for free with the basic features:


  • Easy to use
  • Automatic, supports no prompt installs
  • Quick download
  • Supports bulk downloads
  • You can download an offline version that may not have your Internet connection connected to the network


  • Drivers cannot be hidden to show future scans
  • There is no substitute for scheduled scan
  • Sometimes it seems slower than it should be
  • The proposed software includes a tool that downloads, but you can accidentally click on it and get programs you don’t want

My opinion on the driver pack solution

The DriverPack solution is an excellent option if you are not familiar or interested in having all the backup / restore options and other settings and similar driver updates on the screen.

If a minimal driver uploader program is something you’re interested in, definitely give it a shot. However, it takes a lot longer to download drivers than what I’ve seen on similar tools to update drivers.

The driver pack solution is also excellent if you want to update drivers on a computer that has no internet connection. There is an offline version in which you can get all the drivers provided by this tool, which you then need that computer (such as an external hard drive ). Another option is that you only need to get the network driver and then all the drivers are usually downloaded from that point forward.

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