Burns & Noble Neck app for iPhone and iPad reviews


The biggest advantage of reading your portfolio ebook using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is that you don’t have to lock it into a single application with Kindle and Nook hardware . Apple can upgrade the iBook’s IP to the best reading experience of iOS , but if you like the Amer’s Kindle app or the Burns & Noble’s Notch app or want to use three, you can. If you bought the ebook from Burns and Noble, you will be able to read its Nook app easily. The Noon app is a tough app that claims the place of any book lover on iOS devices.

IOS Nick app at a perfect


  • Strong integration with Barnes & Noble’s online store
  • Quick download of new purchases to the app
  • Good display customization options

Bad guy

  • No way to buy ebooks directly through the app


  • App: Free (download from iTunes)
  • Books: Free, 0.99 and up

What you will need

  • An iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad
  • iOS 7 or higher

Read it as you expect it

When Nune comes to read ebooks with the app, Burns and Noble aren’t breaking any new ground – though that’s fine. Lots of good for reading neck applications.

If you’ve probably used any other ebook app, expect to read through the Nook app is pretty easy. The text appears on the screen and as you finish reading on the screen, you swipe for the next move. The basic reading experience is good and allows you to focus on lessons beyond distractions. The text, of course, looks particularly nice on the high-resolution Retina displays provided by the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch .

Customization options

If you’re not satisfied with the default coloring of your book, the Nook app offers options to change it. Tap a menu with the center of the screen and an icon to allow customization. You can change the font size of the book, the text support, and the background in which you read. You can create your own themes – background and text color combinations, font size and shape, you can also choose from the provided themes. If you like the one you created, you can save it for later use.

Other options include the bookmarks you want to go back to, creating annotations, locking the screen rotation, and adjusting the screen brightness. You can control the screen brightness as a basic setting for iOS, but this option is especially nice because it only controls the screen brightness when you’re in the Knock app, not the overall screen brightness for all apps, which remains unchanged.

A major weakness

Considering all the things, Nook is a solid choice for reading applications. Where it’s not so helpful, though, when it comes to buying books, unlike the iBook, there’s no link to the Nun app in Burns and Noble’s ebook store, so there’s no way to buy books within the app. Instead, you need to do it on the Burns & Noble website. The extra steps in the process of getting the book are a bit tedious.

That said, it’s only partially Barnes & Noble’s fault that the Noka app doesn’t include a way to buy books. According to Apple’s App Store rules, if your app buys items purchased from users, they are treated as app purchases , with Apple deducting 30 percent. Apple excluded Barnes & Noble from taking part in its sales and perhaps a purchase feature in the app to strengthen the price up. Amazon may have made the same decision with its Kindle app , the rationale behind these decisions is understandable, but it’s not a completely frictionless customer experience.

When buying books, though, the process is simple. Go to the Burns & Noble website, find the book you want and buy it. Once you’ve done that, launch the Nook app, the app that publishes books on the home screen. Download a single tap book.

Bottom line

The Nun application is not perfect. Despite the business wisdom behind the decision, this is a flaw other than the ability to buy books from within the app. Besides that, the Nook app offers almost everything a book lover expects these days from a book reader app. Since iOS allows you to use multiple ebook applications on one device, there’s no reason to associate duplicates with Kidley and iBook with your icon, iPad or iPod touch.

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