How to Choose the Best Online Real Estate School

How to Choose the Best Online Real Estate School in 2023

Enrolling in an online prerequisite real estate course is a great option for prospective real estate agents. Recruited professionals, parents, and students can choose the type of online training that best suits their schedule and study needs, with the added benefit of accessing classes from anywhere with an Internet connection. Are you traveling for work or vacation? No problem. You can take online courses right with you on your laptop. Is your only free time? There, your OnDemand Online courses await.

While the decision to open an online kindergarten can be easy, choosing the best online course requires careful consideration. There are a few things to consider when evaluating online real estate schools. Check out this list of tips to help you find the perfect online real estate school.

Tips for Choosing an Online Real Estate School

1. Research the types of online course offerings available:

When you start looking for schools online, you will find that there are different course formats. For live online classes, you must take classes on a fixed schedule and the instructor will teach you a live online session. This is a good choice if you feel you need to take on more responsibility for the course and want the teaching to take place at a specific time each week.

On-demand courses allow you to take classes when it’s most convenient for you, often with an online study group and advanced lectures. By choosing the online option that best suits your schedule and study needs, you will ultimately succeed.

2. Make sure the course has helpful online study tools and forums:

Good online real estate schools offer not only lectures but also online study aids. These tools include practice quizzes, interactive study groups, and forums to interact with other students. Sometimes these additional tools are included in the course package and sometimes you need to add them to your online course. These tools help you assess course progress and better understand the course material.

3. Find out who the instructor is:

If having a tutor who can answer questions and provide feedback is important to you, make sure you know what interactions you expect during class. Online online courses generally offer the most support for instructors, and on-demand courses may vary. You can access live webinars with industry experts, or you can be on your own with advanced lectures. Each school has its own offer, so read the details in the course description.

4. See if there is comprehensive student support:

Technological challenges can be difficult and cost time and energy. When these issues arise, a comprehensive student support team can dramatically change the overall quality of your experience. Find a school with a student support team that can help with technical, logistical, and program issues. This can save you headaches later.

5. Ask around for recommendations:

Real estate agents are a great source of information these days and you probably already know one. If you don’t, contact anyone with a relationship with brokers willing to provide you with information. Make a list of questions to ask about your teaching experience with a real estate license. After understanding the experience and research of current agents, you cannot make an unreasonable decision that you may later regret.

6. Discover the school itself:

The history of a real estate school gives a good idea of ​​how long they have been in business, how many students they have, and their success rate. Your school must be able to demonstrate a strong track record of student success in the past. The last thing you want is to stop being a test subject. Look at the school’s history to make sure your education isn’t marred by mistakes that an inexperienced school is still trying to correct.

7. Make sure your instructors are licensed agents and brokers:

Recognized brokers and brokers not only know the material, but also have the necessary work experience for extensive training. Make sure your courses are taught by licensed professionals and that the curriculum is developed by experts in the field. Experienced professionals can provide you with background knowledge to help you study and prepare for real-world situations.

8. Make sure the program is up to date:

Each state has specific property licensing requirements. The school of choice must understand all requirements and provide state-approved course materials. Your school should quickly accept new information as it becomes available or when requirements change. Property licensing news and information should be one of your school’s top priorities.

9. Check if the school offers CE training or internship:

Thinking can make your life easier when it comes time to complete continuing education (CE) hours or if you decide to get a brokerage license. A solid real estate school also offers CE and real estate license training, making it a one-stop-shop for your training needs.

10. Ask how many students go to school online:

Knowing how many students your school teaches will give you a good idea of ​​its popularity among other students and how much feedback the school receives, which helps them improve their offering. You want to attend an online school that is well-equipped for many students and each offering the same level of service and professionalism.


If you’ve decided to attend an online real estate school and complete your pre-licensing education, congratulations! You are about to become a licensed broker. The best online real estate deals can help you in the future. Start discovering Kaplan Real Estate Education offerings for your state.

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