15 useful Safari extensions for iPhone and iPod Touch


As browser extensions continue to preserve mobile realm, more developers are integrating with their iOS apps. Desktop users can search for thousands of add-ons via the web , but mobile apps featuring Safari extensions can be impressive.

We’ve listed some of the best options below, but made things easier.

For more information on Safari extensions for iPhone, how to activate and manage them, see our tutorial: How to use Safari extensions on iPhone or iPod touch

Panchamund seat

The popular project management tool has integrated with Safari for iOS with a share extension, which is found in the first row of the browser’s share sheet. As long as you’re already proven with the Asana app, selecting this extension allows you to create a new task with the web content you’re currently viewing. No need to switch apps to quickly add a project, URL, or any other project to an existing project. More

Bing Translator

An action extension, including Microsoft’s search engine application, converts the Bing Translator-enabled web page into the language of your choice – the default English is when translating, a progress indicator appears at the top of the browser window. The default language can be changed in the settings of the Bing application, it is available with three dozen options. More

The first day

A well-known journaling app for iOS, Day One offers a powerful feature set that syncs easily with both Dropbox and iCloud. Safari’s Share extension allows you to quickly switch links to apps, or send links, text, and other content from the current web page directly to your journal without leaving your browsing session.

This kind of evernote

Along with the popular note-taking app, the Evernote extension lets you clip and share web pages with a fingertip while browsing on Safari. You also provide the ability to select a specific notebook to save the clip to, so you should choose to do this. As with many iOS 8 extensions, you need to sign in to Evernote to work seamlessly for these features. More

Find a promo

Installed with the Promofly app, this extension locates the extension and automatically redeems any promotional code on the site you are currently shopping for. Realizing the need to sign in to the PromoFi app before you use it, a promo search potential when you buy your iOS device can potentially save you tons


This extension, which requires you to log in to your account, saves the current web page with a single tap on the Instapaper icon found in Safari’s Share Sheet. This is one of the simplest, but most effective extensions on our list for storing web content for future cost. More

Of LastPassiOS

Remember that all your passwords become too much to handle, services like LastPass can prove invaluable. Its iOS app comes with the Safari Action extension, which can fill your web with the passwords you need. You will need to log in to the LastPass app to use this extension, and you will also be prompted for proof of your fingerprint when you first launch the extension from Safari. More

Mail to yourself

One of my personal favorites, this action extension automatically sends the title and URL of the active web page to a user’s designated email address. No need to open a mail client or create an actual email. Just tap on the extension icon and you’re done! Before using this extension, however, your email address will need to configure your email address in the app itself – which includes a verification code request and access. More

One note

Fans of Microsoft Eknot will enjoy this extension, which allows you to share a web page in your selected notebooks and sections – change the title and add additional notes if you wish. Not only the URL of the saved page, but a preview thumbnail is included. This feature, in addition to images, is available in offline mode. More


Pinterest users pin their personal or group boards, they share and share everything from inspiring works of art to delicious recipes by browsing the web. Located in the Share Extensions row, the Pinterest extension lets you ‘pin it’ to the board of your choice without the Safari app. More


The Pocket app lets you store articles, videos, and entire web pages in one place. You can later view these items on any device that has Pocket installed. With the Pocket Share extension for Safari, the web content you are currently viewing is automatically saved by selecting its icon. More


Another extension, TranslateFafi, passes the active web page to the language you want to choose with a button tap, along with your choice of Bing or Google’s translation services. In addition to translating text, this extension allows you to read aloud the content of the page within the accompanying app. Although available for several language-speaking features, everyone needs to purchase an in-app except for a female voice in English. More


This extension is a value for active Tumblr bloggers, who continue to browse while traveling, while constantly sharing with their readers. Selecting the Tumblr icon from Safari’s Share Sheet automatically creates a post on the current web page, adding it to your queue or publishing it to your microblog. You must prove the Tumblr application yourself before using this extension. More

See source

View Source, New Manual Extensions are found in Safari’s Share Sheet row, displaying the color-formatted source code of the active web page in a new window. An Assets button at the bottom of the window , all images, links and scripts can be found across the page. Other buttons let you see a breakdown of the page’s DOM nodes, insert some test JavaScript into the current code, and see details including page size, character set, and cookies. More


In today’s fast-paced world, staying organized is a must. This is where the Wunderlist app shines, sharing the ability to create, maintain and plan, and provide lists of things you need to complete today or from the supermarkets you want to buy. Its Safari Share extension, meanwhile, lets you add active web pages (titles, URLs, images and any notes you want to add) to your personal Wunderlist with two hats at your fingertips.

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